Become A Member of the Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council

Your Membership is vital to the future of arts in Pulaski County! Support your community. We welcome anyone from anywhere to join the Arts Council. The Hawkinsville-Pulaski Arts Council is a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization which means that donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

As a bonus for becoming a member, you will receive reward coupons. Coupons valued at $25 will be mailed to you upon receipt of your membership form and contribution. You may trade the coupon for any event sponsored by the Arts Council.

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Individual – $25  One Coupon
Family Members – $50 Two Coupons

Partners – $100 Three Coupons
Patrons – $250 Four Coupons

We want to thank you all of our amazing members for their support!

Individuals: Diane Herring, Bernice Southerland, Margaret Wynne, Peggy Fauscett, Ken Clark, Linda Lee, Nellie Coley, Beth Kantor, Betty Stembridge, Kay Bergh, Ed McDaniel, Amelia Lord, Lisa Grimsley, & Lynn Harper.
Families: Sue Peavy, Evelyn & George Finleyson, Dr. Skip & Harriotte McDannald, Dr. Roy & Sondra Witherington, Caroline & Royce Conner, Roy & Marilyn Goodroe, Harley & Nichole Lawson, Alton & Vickie Dykes, Robert & Carol Woodall, Rueben & Deborah Roberts, Debra Ross, Staci & Dennis Vickers, Liz Popwell, David Bishop, Mary Cutrell, Jimmy & Joan Tripp, Donald & Beverly Ussery, Andy & Judy Hill, Bernice Banks, Bererly & Milton Sutherlin, Dorothy & Richard Hill, Ykeisha Baker-Tinsley, Al & Denise Baggett, Shelly & Vonnie Berryhill, Merle Nelson, Nancy & Tommy Dawson, Earl & Patsy Tripp, Joyce & Chuck Ellison, Genelle Jennings, & Mitchell Tharpe.
Partners: Linda Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey Way, Gerald Willis, Mike Stewart, Carol & David Cannon, Guy & Shannon Easterling, Brooks & Othilla Bailey, Carol & Whitney Hill, John Bembry, Melanie & Hatcher Way, Robert McTyre, Ben Griffin, Jr., Scott & Laura Obert-Thorn, Jeannette Ford, Robert & Carol Schmucker & Nancy Hunt.
Patrons: Cal & Celeste Johns, Hugh & Barbara Lawson, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Way, & Ace Hardware.