A Dance with Death: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Fundraiser


Saturday, March 19, 2016…. errr I mean 1957 was the annual Jr/Sr Prom. Students and chaperons filed into the banquet room at The Steak House Restaurant dressed in their fifties’ best ready to doo wop the night away. The night had just begun and the prom king and queen were about to be announced when there was… you’ll never believe this….  a MURDER. A large gasp left the crowd in unison, almost as if on cue.

Who did it?! Why!?


It was up to us to help solve the crime, as soon as dinner was over. Was it the principal, the captain of the football team, the rebel, the dark artistic one, head cheerleader, history teacher, nurse, or nerd? (Is this a John Hughes movie or what?) Secrets, bribes, hidden love affairs, who knew what we would uncover? With many twists and turns throughout the night, prom definitely kept us on our toes. Thanks to the crowd’s great deductive reasoning and the help of the detective, the crime was solved and the motives were laid out like the clues on the evidence table.


Our doo wop wasn’t a total disaster thanks to the help of The Murder Mystery Company and the wonderful community of people that showed up and helped support the arts in Pulaski County. Everyone had a wonderful time and many have verbalized interest in this being an annual event! Another huge thanks to Dave Cannon at Cannon Woodworks for cutting us the super sweet convertible ride fit for any greaser or cat.


​This “Murder Mystery Dinner” was a fund raising event for the Hawkinsville Pulaski Arts Council.  The purpose of the Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council is to sponsor and encourage cultural and educational activities in Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia and it’s surrounding areas; to make the arts available to every citizen in this area of Georgia; to encourage local talent; to inspire and educate our children in all art forms; and to present visual and performing artists who will stimulate and entertain. The Council may sponsor cooperative planning, research, fundraising, and public education programs deemed necessary to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts and sciences by all citizens of the area. The Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council is a non-profit organization under the provisions of the Georgia Non-profit code.


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    Donna H. says

    Lots of fun! Hope you host another one soon!

  2. Reply
    Paula Johns says

    Sorry I missed this!!!

    • Reply
      Kristen Berryhill says

      We hope to bring back a similar event next season! Stay tuned!

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