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Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council Covid-19 Drive

At the corner of Lumpkin and Broad streets stands The Hawkinsville Old Opera House, one of the most prized, historical buildings in our town. It was built in 1907 from the architectural plans of the famed Macon architect and theatrical designer W.R. Gunn, who also designed the Grand Opera House in Macon, Georgia.  

The Hawkinsville Old Opera House is owned by the citizens of Hawkinsville and is operated and managed by the non-profit Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council (HPCAC). Since 1992, HPCAC has proudly fostered talent of all genres and cultures of performances and entertainment, and cared for this valuable piece of our history for all to share. 

In the past, the HPCAC has brought to the Old Opera House stage community musicals and play productions performed by both children and adults. They have sponsored concerts featuring the Macon Symphony Orchestra, Auburn University Chorus and Singers, and Middle Georgia Concert Band. They have brought to the Old Opera House stage live performances by such famous artists as Chuck Leavell, B. J. Thomas, The Temptations, Marty Stuart, Ronnie McDowell, James Gregory, and Hotel California. 

Sadly, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis, the HPCAC had to cancel all their scheduled concerts for the 2020 Spring and Fall Season. Without concerts, operational funds could not be raised from the sales of tickets. Like many non-profit performance organizations, the HPCAC is struggling to continue with their mission of supporting the arts and bringing a wide variety of entertainment to our community. 

Looking forward to when this crisis is behind us, HPCAC is working to reschedule concerts and programs as well as plan for new ones. As soon as possible, they plan to bring Cochran native Rebecca Howell from The Voice, The Ultimate Oldies music of the 80s&90s, John Denver Tribute Concert, and a Missoula Children’s Theatre production to the Old Opera House stage. Bringing artists to the Opera House stage, costs between $2,000 – $10,000. Without community support, HPCAC will not be able to continue to offer performances and entertainment as well as cultural and educational events.  

The Hawkinsville Opera House has undergone many changes since its construction in 1907. Through prosperous and lean times, times of uncertainty and calm, and through various organizational utilizations, it has managed to maintain the grace and style of its initial design. The City of Hawkinsville is lucky indeed to lay claim to a true piece of southern architectural history. Hawkinsville Pulaski County Arts Council Board of Directors are asking for your support in securing their goal of keeping Hawkinsville Old Opera House as a vital cultural, educational, and entertaining part of our community.

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