Actions Have Consequences

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  • Saturday | February 29, 2020
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

When a young girl meets the wrong guy…bad things can happen.
Actions have Consequences is an original play that brings awareness to sex trafficking which is a growing epidemic around the world.

Danell Woodard is the creator and director of the hit stage play, Actions have Consequences Part I and Part II. She is a small-town girl from Reynolds, GA. Danell is a full-time mother of 3 and wife to Macky Woodard. She started performing plays in her church, Mount Gillard Baptist Church in Reynolds. As the years progress, so did her desire to reach more people with her messages.

Danell and her cast performed her first play, Choices, outside the walls of her church at the Temple of Miracles in Perry, GA. Realizing the demand and her drive, Danell decided to revamp and perform the play, Choices, at the Perry Art Center in Perry, GA in 2016. This is when Woodard Productions was born.

In 2018 she wrote her next play, Blind Sided by Love. That play hit the stage at the Crawford County BOE Auditorium in Roberta, GA. in May 2018. By this time, Danell had found her calling and we didn’t have to wait as long for her next piece. Actions have Consequences hit the stage on December 1, 2018 and it was her first SOLD OUT performance. Shortly after that Actions have Consequences Part II was performed at the same place, the Auditorium in Fort Valley, GA.

Actions have Consequences is an original play highlighting a growing epidemic
surrounding our youth when they make choices without thinking of the consequences. The play brings awareness to Sex trafficking which is a growing epidemic around the world. Danell has now shifted her focus to make the public aware. Sex trafficking is not just a van waiting and watching, but it’s centered around so many other actions that could lead to deadly consequences. Because of this, Woodard Productions has teamed up with a local organization called Victoria’s Lighthouse in Warner Robins, GA. It’s an organization that centers around saving our youth from the terrors of Human trafficking.

You can mail a check payable to HPCAC for tickets @ $10 each + $1.00 for postage to

HPCAC, Inc – PO Box 266 – Hawkinsville, GA 31036