Become A Member of the Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council

Your Membership is vital to the future of arts in Pulaski County! Support your community. We welcome anyone from anywhere to join the Arts Council. The Hawkinsville-Pulaski Arts Council is a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization which means that donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

As a bonus for becoming a member, you will receive reward coupons. Coupons valued at $25 will be mailed to you upon receipt of your membership form and contribution. You may trade the coupon for any event sponsored by the Arts Council.

Memberships are available in the following categories:

INDIVIDUAL: $25 – 1 Event Coupon and 1 Beverage Voucher

FAMILY: $50 – 2 Event Coupons and 2 Beverage Vouchers 

PATRON: $100 – 3 Event Coupons and 3 Beverage Vouchers 

PARTNER: $250 – 4 Event Coupons and 4 Beverage Vouchers 

We want to thank you all of our amazing members for their support!

~ Patrons ~

Shannon & Guy Easterling, Barbara & Hugh Lawson, Jerry Willis

~ Partners ~

Brooks & Othilla Bailey, Carol & David Cannon, Ken Clark, Jennette Ford,  Carol & Whitney Hill, Susan Hill, Jamie & J.D. Hunsicker, Dan & Debra Maddock,  Naomi & Jordan McGalliard, Kathryn & John Riner, Janice & Larry Walker, Linda Williams

~ Families ~

Al & Denise Baggett, Bernice Banks, Latrelle & Johnny Bembry, David Bishop,  Casey & Douglas Cannon, Tommy & Nancy Dawson, Alton & Vickie Dykes, Thomas Fisher, Danny & Lisa Grimsley, Sabrina & Tim Hanson, Jacque & Alex Hardy, James & Julie Harrell, Diane Herring, Nancy Hunt, Janice Mitchell, Laurie & Scott Obert-Thorn, Robert & Faye Owings, Kevin & Kelli Pilsbury,  Liz Popwell, Mona & Mark Sinyard, Carol & Robert Schmucker, Shareia & Billy Spivey, Beverly & Milton Sutherlin, Kara Turk, Staci & Dennis Vickers,  Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey Way, Melanie & Hatcher Way, Victoria Whitehead, Dr. Roy & Sondra Witherington, Carol & Robert Woodall, Becky & Richard Woods

~ Individuals ~

Pat Beet, Jane Credle, Joan Cross, Pam Frantz, Lynn Harper, Peggy Jackson, Linda Lee, Ed McDaniel, Frankie Pennone, Rose Rhodes, Betty Smith, Betty Stembridge, Mitchell Tharpe, Joan Tripp, Dora Watson, Betty West, Margaret Wynne



Mansfield Jennings, Jr Charitable Trust


Pulaski County Board of Education

Hollingsworth & Vose


McGalliard Waste Services

Way Brothers, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Cal Johns



Pulaski County Commissioner

Hawkinsville Steak House

~ In Kind ~

Mike Stewart

Cannon WoodWorks

D.M. Vickers and Associates

Sponsorships are available in the following categories:

PLATINUM – $5,000 – 20 tickets that can be used for any event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
GOLD – $2,500 -16 tickets that can be used for any event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
SILVER – $1,000 – 8 tickets that can be used for any event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
BRONZE – $500 – 6 tickets that can be used for any event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
COMMUNITY – $350 – 4 tickets that can be used for any event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.

If you are interested in sponsoring just one concert in the series for the upcoming year, we will be glad to partner with you and give you special recognition/advertising for that particular event. Advertising is good for you and good for us. Thank you for your support of the ARTS in our community.

The Hawkinsville/Pulaski County Arts Council, Inc. will provide:

  1. Recognition in programs and newsletters
  2. Recognition on website –;
  3. Season passes to all events sponsored by HPCAC, Inc. – number of passes (or tickets) adjusted to level of sponsorship;
  4. Programming to appeal to all cultural interests of citizens of Pulaski and surrounding counties.