Corporate Sponsors


W. Mansfield Jennings, Jr Charitable Trust


Pulaski County Board of Education



Pulaski County Farm Bureau

Way Brothers


SunMark Community Bank

Joiner Reliability and Maintenance Inc

Pulaski County Commissioner

Ace Hardware of Hawkinsville

Batts Drugs

Hardy Farms Peanuts

~ In Kind ~

Mike Stewart

Steak House Restaurant

D.M. Vickers and Associates


We want to thank you all of our amazing members for their support!
~ Patrons ~

Cal & Celeste Johns, Carol & Whitney Hill, Barbara & Hugh Lawson and Scott & Laurie Obert-Thorn

~ Partners ~

Latrelle & Johnny Bembry, Mary Jessup, Jerry Willis, Mike Stewart, Melanie & Hatcher Way, Hawkinsville-Pulaski Chamber of Commerce, John & Kathy Riner, Catherine Johnson, Susan Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fisher, Brooks & Othilla Bailey, Carol & Dave Cannon and Dan Maddock & Debra Ross.

~ Families ~

Ed McDaniel, Joan & Jimmy Tripp, Stephen & Faye Mars, Abigail Vickers, Harley & Nicole Lawson, Earl Ray & Patsy Tripp, Al & Denise Baggett, Darrell Bell, Staci & Dennis Vickers, Lisa & Danny Grimsley, Hugh Gladwin, Ashley Adams, James Colson, Roy & Marilyn Goodroe, Robert & Carol Woodall, Linda Williams, Grace Dixon, Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey Way, Roy & Sondra Witherington, Dianne Herring, David Bishop, Liz Popwell, Beverly & Milton Sutherlin, Alton & Vickie Dykes, and Donald & Christy Johnson.

~ Individuals ~

Loma Blancett, Sheril Green, Deb Garner, Olivia Rains, Peggy Jackson, Millie Oberg, Betty Stembridge, M.E. Tharpe, Pam Frantz, Ken Clark, Kay Berg, Margaret Wynne, Lynn Harper and Anna Taylor.


Sponsorships are available in the following categories:

PLATINUM – $5,000 – 20 tickets to every event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
GOLD – $2,500 -16 tickets to every event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
SILVER – $1,000 – 8 tickets to every event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
BRONZE – $500 – 6 tickets to every event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.
COMMUNITY – $350 – 4 tickets to every event sponsored by HPCAC, Inc.

If you are interested in sponsoring just one concert in the series for the upcoming year, we will be glad to partner with you and give you special recognition/advertising for that particular event. Advertising is good for you and good for us. Thank you for your support of the ARTS in our community.

The Hawkinsville/Pulaski County Arts Council, Inc. will provide:

  1. Recognition in programs and newsletters
  2. Recognition on website –;
  3. Season passes to all events sponsored by HPCAC, Inc. – number of passes (or tickets) adjusted to level of sponsorship;
  4. Programming to appeal to all cultural interests of citizens of Pulaski and surrounding counties.